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Are you a potential or current homeschooler who:

  • Gets overwhelmed by the abundance of information

  • Wonders if you are the only one feeling inadequate

  • Compares yourself to experienced homeschoolers

  •  Feels like you are not sure where to begin

  • Wishes you had an experienced homeschool mentor to help you

  • Has a special needs child but no trusted source for help

  • Is nervous about navigating the high-school years

  • Fears you are missing something

We know where you are coming from and have answers to get you where you want to go.

Our content, conversations and seminars are led by mentors and added to by experienced parents and newbies alike. We are all seeking the ever-elusive ideal homeschool approach as we navigate through an ever-breaking world. Regardless of race, religion, education level, politics, support system, natural ability, and so on, we support you for one reason- you have risked much to seek another way to give your children their best chance toward a healthy and grounded future self. 

Be encouraged and guided daily alongside parents who are finding their way to success one question at a time. We all share much in common which is key to our growing community (close to 1000 members in 6 months!). 

When I meet a home schooling parent, we are already friends because we have vital life goals in common. This IS your group of friends along the journey. Come in and meet us!