Empowering Parents, Inspiring Home Educators

Allow us to simplify your world by transforming your homeschool fears into confident days.

We are so glad you found your way to our Faithful Scholars' Village where we connect and engage home schooling parents at all ages and stages. 

Our dedicated spaces will meet your specific needs and come with professional home school moderators. Yes, truly! 'Professional' home school status occurs after the first decade or two, surviving double digits, graduating someone along the way, and still finding humor, rest, and lovely moments in each day.

We will be walking alongside distilling the plethora of home school information running wild around the wonderful web, engaging in humorous and real responses to your posts, and increasing your  day to day enjoyment of home based education by focusing on the positive and removing your worries of not being/doing enough.  

Check in often, engage regularly, and love this home school village that we will all build and strengthen for one another!

Welcome In!

We know where you are coming and have answers to get you where you hope to go, and give you our commitment to be alongside for the full journey.

Our rooms are filled with experienced parents and newbies seeking the ever elusive best/ideal home school elixir for our children as we navigate through an ever breaking world. Regardless of race, religion, education level, politics, support system, natural ability, and so on, we support you for one reason- you have risked much to seek another way to give your children their best chance toward a healthy and grounded future self. 

These rooms are filling up daily with parents of home schooling children who are finding their way to success one decision at a time. You share much in common. When I meet a home schooling mama, we are already friends because I know that we have more than 50% in common. This IS your community!

If there is anything typical about a homeschooling parent it is that not one fits a mold. What we do have in common is the need for help and support along the way. We are here for you!

Your team of FS Village parents rely on our spouses and friends to inspire and support us daily while we seek a different path in raising up our combined 2+ dozen homeschooligans. We daily engage in putting our words (to you) into practice through simplifying our days, seeking gratitude, and remaining consistent and diligent in our teaching. Join us to share this seeking of and practice of being the best version of ourselves moment by moment, day be day, year by year. 

Some days we actually succeed, but mostly we simply refuse to lose sight of our golden goals as we choose relationship over accomplishment, and never ever lay down our ideals.

We are home schooling parents. We educate ourselves. Constantly. It is who we are and what we do. If one man can do it, we can do it in a flexible rhythmical relaxed classical child led joy filled consistent never give in and never give over kind of way. 

We offer you our combined years of experiences, successes, failures, and all in between through this positive lens of encouragement and (sometimes quirky) humor. In short, we offer you all that we have to help you along this home school journey adding tools to your belt, laughter to your lips, rest to your days, and rhythm to your school.